Elect Antonio Hayes to Maryland House of Delegates – 40th District

Elect Antonio Hayes to Maryland House of Delegates – 40th District -

Elect Antonio Hayes to Maryland House of Delegates 40th District

Antonio Hayes is a Democrat running for the Maryland House of Delegates. He is a native and citizen of the 40th District. Antonio has committed his life, both public and private, to building a better Baltimore for residents.

Public Service

In 2010, Antonio was appointed to a leadership position at the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (BCDSS). Antonio joined a team that brought BCDSS into national recognition for the modernization and effectiveness of social services. BCDSS provides services to Baltimore’s most vulnerable citizens — children who have been abused or neglected and low income families who need public assistance. During his tenure, the agency reduced the number of children in foster care 58% by ensuring children they placed with permanent families. In addition, the agency ensured the delivery of food stamps and cash assistance with a 98% on time rate by bringing accountability into the culture of the organization. Antonio took on the tremendous challenge of improving the working conditions for the 2500 state employees at BCDSS by bringing in modern technology and making substantial improvement to the facilities in which BCDSS employees work. His leadership skills combined with his deep commitment to service have made BCDSS one of the most well respected social service organizations in the country.

Ready To Serve

Antonio’s commitment to improving the quality of life for the residents’ stems from his life experiences. He became an advocate in the Penn North community at the young age of 11.  As President of the Youth United for Success he led the initiative to improve the quality of life for inner city youth by rallying against illegal drug solicitation. That was only just the beginning of his journey. Throughout his career in public service, Antonio has progressively focused on enhancements throughout Baltimore City.

Focusing on key initiatives such as education, public safety and employment, Antonio has already begun to build a foundation within the community. His views and ideals are simplistic—improve and service the community with the available resources that are within the City of Baltimore.

As Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Empowerment Academy Charter School, he championed and achieved re-certification for the Academy to receive charitable donations from city employees. This initiative has helped increase funding for educational resources and programming. As Delegate, Antonio will continue to invest in the educational system; not only focusing on grades K-12 and the freedom to select a school of choice; but also by developing additional vocational training and career development resources for both high school students and postgraduates.

Equally important, Antonio will continue to be a strong advocate for safe neighborhoods. In 2009, Antonio spearheaded the development of the Baltimore City Public Safety Training Center, in the Park Heights neighborhood. The training center is an academy for aspiring police officers and fire fighters. Furthermore, this effort converted a vacant elementary school into an first responder training facility into a neighborhood setting; thus, developing integral partnerships in the community.

Antonio Hayes resides in the 40th District and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science at Frostburg State University.  He worships as a member of the Empowerment Temple A.M.E Church and mentors young men in the community through various activities.

He’s served on several boards and commissions advocating better results for communities from the Citizen’s Planning and Housing Association, Reservoir Hill Improvement Council Board of Director’s and Vice President of the Empowerment Academy Charter School Board.

Antonio is driven about progressive change and making Baltimore a better city through service.